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Our Plumbing Services

Chiswick Plumbing provides the highest quality complete plumbing services available. We do it all – from leaks to sink installations and complete re-pipes and service Sydney & Wollongong regions.

Chiswick Plumbing is your local emergency plumber. Our technicians are highly trained experts, committed to providing the highest level of service possible. We are residential service repair/replacement specialists and one of the best 24/7 Sydney plumbers.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Periodical Repairs, Maintenance & Priority Service Plans
  • Water Purification For Home & Office
  • Water Conservation Advice & Installations
  • Kitchen/Bar Sinks & Laundry Tubs
  • Water, Gas & Drain Piping
  • Kitchen & Bath Tap Replacement & Repairs


Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance

Maintaining the plumbing of your home ensures that you always have access to clean and reliable water at all times. Having one of our plumbers come to your residence on an annual, bi-annual or seasonal basis will help you avoid accidents caused by plumbing issues in your house.

We’ll keep fresh, temperature-controlled water flowing in and waste flowing out of your plumbing through every season. The expense of leaky taps or pipes is significant and can cost some homeowners upwards of $550 per annum on their water bill. Our plumbers can come to your home and inspect your plumbing fixtures to ensure there are no visible or internal leaks or drips. We can attend to any issues promptly and always clean up afterwards so you’ll never have to worry about a mess.

You can save hundreds by joining our Service & Maintenance Agreement program. For only $39.95 per annum, you’ll receive exclusive benefits and discounts off our services as a reward for being a loyal customer. Don’t wait, call your local plumbers here at Chiswick Plumbing on 1300 55 2248!

Drainage Services

We understand the unpleasantness of having stormwater or sewage waste overflowing in and around your home. Our range of drainage services provided by our plumbers can prevent and rectify any drainage issues that may arise.

Most commonly, the types of issues that call for this service are blocked drains, identifiable by;

  • Bad odours coming from your sewer or drains
  • The waste in your toilet is not discharging
  • The water in your sink or toilet fills up in the bowl and then recedes more slowly than usual (slow draining)
  • Your outside drain has overflowed

These issues are usually fixed quite easily by high-pressure hydro jet drain cleaning, electric eel draining, sewer pipe cleaning or via chemical/biological drain treatments. If the blockage has occurred due to pipe damage, we can replace the pipe or repair them with a particular method of pipe relining. We also offer a unique smoke testing service that uses dense smoke to locate the source of bad odours in your sewer pipes or drains.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Plumbing accidents can happen at any time of day or night, which is why we are available to help you 24/7. Whether you need a plumber ASAP or some advice to help you stop a problem until morning, give us a call, and we’ll do our best to help you. Our friendly staff are always available to lend a hand, just like we did for Jayne from Milperra. 

“I called Chiswick Plumbing at 1:30 AM on Thursday night. I had water spraying from my hot water tank and had no idea what to do. So I called, spoke to Lorenzo. Not only did I wake him up, but he was so patient in helping me to turn the water off, and stayed on the phone until it was off. 

He then explained what I needed to do, and I received a return phone call the next day to ensure it was okay, despite the fact that my landlord was going to fix it. I was not charged for the help either, and Lorenzo was lovely and kind. Thank you so much!!!!”

Gasfitting & Gas Services

If you are experiencing problems with your domestic gas systems or notice issues with your gas appliances, please get in contact with Chiswick Plumbing immediately. Gas leakages can be quite dangerous and need to be addressed quickly. Heating, lighting, power, oven or refrigeration devices and appliances in your home may use gas. If you notice a gas-like smell or hear a sound similar to air escaping a balloon, you may have a gas leak.

If you are merely in need of a new gas appliance or gas supply, we have qualified staff trained to deliver safe installation following the NSW Gas And Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulations. A common issue complaint we get is about gas hot water systems not working efficiently or breaking down; this is more prevalent if the system is older. If your water takes a long time to heat up and is inconsistent in temperature, you may need a repair or a new system.

Hot Water Systems

Hot water heaters, particularly indoor ones, can be hazardous if you aren’t exercising regular maintenance. Most people aren’t aware that water heaters corrode inside over time, which is why all new storage water heaters with standard steel tanks come with a sacrificial anode. The anode absorbs the rust and erosion so that it doesn’t make its way into the main tank. The anode needs replacing every 2-3 years to stop the inner tank from waring away.

Tank erosion can lead to leakages and even bursts which inevitably lead to floods, inconsistent water temperature or complete breakdowns of the heater. You can redeem 25% off your first standard anode replacement by presenting this voucher to one of our Plumbers!

Plumbing Services In Sydney

If you are currently experiencing a service problem, contact Chiswick Plumbing and let us help you today. We are the best 24-hour emergency plumbers in Sydney and Wollongong.

We offer comprehensive residential plumbing repair, drainage, gas fitting and bathroom renovation services for all property types. We can also do inspections and home plumbing maintenance advice, so you know when to replace the plumbing in your home.