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Repair Your Broken Pipes WITHOUT DIGGING!

Pipe Relining Chiswick Plumbing

Before pipe relining was available in Australia, repairing a broken pipe required digging up your beautiful lawn, creating a mess and taking days if not weeks to fix, plus don’t forget the time for your lovely lawn to grow back!  With the latest equipment and technology, Chiswick Plumbing is able to repair your pipes without the noise, mess, time and disruption that a traditional ‘dig up’ takes, by using our latest solution, Pipe Relining.

Utilising the latest technologies in pipe repair and relining, you will never have to worry about broken or blocked stormwater and sewer pipes again. We can repair all types of pipes with minimal disruption, including PVC, Earthenware, Asbestos, Galvanised Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Concrete and HDPE.

What’s the difference between traditional pipe replacement and Pipe Relining?

Picture this, your beautiful landscaped garden with established trees, a paved area leading to recently installed decking.  You have aged underground collapsed or broken pipes with tree root invasions causing real issues to the smooth running of your waste pipes and sewage, it’s a stage five blockage needing immediate attention!  What do you do?  Call Chiswick Plumbing.  In yesteryear this would have required your luscious Buffalo grass to be dug up, established trees possibly excavated and removed, paving and decking pulled up.  Not to mention your recently renovated bathroom tiles, removed for access to the pipes.

Today, there’s no need to make all those huge disruptions, pipe relining is here and can fix your blocked pipes in a day*.  Our Plumbers will attend your property, assess the job, walk you through a written quote on their iPad, then once agreed upon, we’ll set to work.

What’s Pipe Relining – in simple terms?

  1. Chiswick Plumbers will identify the obstruction or break by inserting a camera. Flush out the blockage with high pressure water jets.
  2. Using the latest relining technology and equipment, we’ll insert the textile lining using air or water pressure.  The liner is covered in a thick resin which is pressed against the pipe wall during the insertion process.
  3. As the resin hardens it creates a perfect new watertight pipe within the walls of the existing pipe!  We then re-insert the camera to inspect the pipe to ensure the broken sections have been repaired.

This entire process usually takes one day as opposed to a week with traditional ‘dig up’ pipe replacement. Your beautiful lawn remains intact, pavers and decking in place and bathroom untouched.  You’ll be safe in the knowledge your pipes are clear with minimal disruption and are now ‘as new’ with a 40 year product guarantee!

Pipe Relining Chiswick Plumbing

We can repair pipe diameters from 40mm to 1000mm using our pipe repair and reline method. If you have stormwater, sewer, trade waste or water pipes under tonnes of concrete or factory floors, that’s no problem at all.

We can reline almost any shape pipe, including Vertical or Horizontal, Square, Rectangular or Round pipes, 90 degree bends, P traps, S traps, Junctions and Elbows.

On completion of all works carried out, you will receive a “before and after video survey” of your drain, 10 year work guarantee and a 40 year product guarantee.

The Benefits of Relining v Traditional Pipe or Drain Replacement

  1. No digging required, no mess, no excavation, no noise
  2. Save time. Relining can take a traditional replacement job from 5 days to 1 day (each job is different and needs to be assessed before timeframes can be estimated.)
  3. Reduce costs of labour and returning your property to its original state.
  4. Landscaping. No need to restore landscaping, as no invasive digging was required.
  5. Extend the life of your plumbing network with our 40 year product guarantee.

For a simple, practical, cost effective solution to stormwater, sewerage and water pipe repairs, call us on 1300 55 2248

*Each job has individual needs and requirements.  Our plumbers will assess the job at hand and walk you through want needs to be carried out to solve your pipe issue.  A small hole maybe dug initially to investigate the pipe, insert the camera and relining equipment, whereupon we will return the area to its original state at completion of the job.  An average relining job takes approximately one day, each job will be assessed and an estimated time frame given before commencement.