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Drainage Services

If you have a drain that won’t unblock despite your efforts, you may need expert help before the problem gets worse. The team at Chiswick Plumbing are expertly skilled in using state of the art technology to unblock even the toughest of clogs. Whether it be your kitchen sink, shower, toilet, bathroom or laundry sink, we have efficient solutions to get your plumbing running smoothly again. If you have a blocked drain in Sydney or Wollongong, give us a call!

Blocked sink drains can be more complicated than just a build-up of grime, and in this case, you need rapid intervention. Some common causes for blocked drains are;

  • Soap – some soaps use fatty or greasy ingredients which cause soap scum to build up inside your pipes.
  • Hair – this is the most common cause for drain blockages as hair strands bind with the soap scum and can be quite hard to remove without chemical methods. 
  • Food scraps – a common cause for blocked drains that we see in kitchens is the accumulation of food that has washed down the drain. 
  • Dirt – dirt from washing clothing or other items can build up in the drains and cause major clogs. 
  • Tree roots – this is a complex blockage that usually occurs underground and can cause destruction if not adequately removed and repaired. 
  • Toilet paper and waste build-up – this is the most common cause for toilet plumbing clogs and can be difficult to remove without professional help. 
  • Rain or storms – if there are heavy rains or a storm, you could encounter blocked stormwater drains which can cause flooding in or around your property. Flooding is more likely to occur if you don’t regularly clear your gutters. 
  • Deteriorated physical condition – the pipes have become worn or damaged over time.
  • Ground movement – moving earth has caused pipes to become displaced or clogged. 
  • Stormwater – if your stormwater drain is blocked, you will likely encounter issues within the home. Blockages tend to occur after harsh weather events occur. 

These issues are usually identifiable by an unpleasant odour or slow draining water in your sink or toilet. You may also hear a gurgling or banging sound coming from inside your pipes after you flush your toilet or drain your sink. If you detect any of these in your home, we advise that you contact us promptly. Clogs that are left unattended can become significantly worse and cause things like burst pipes, floods and sewage backups. 

How do I know what is causing my blocked drain?

The only way to know for sure is to use high-pressure water jetting (hydro jet) to blast the pipes and remove any blockages. We can then carry out a CCTV drain inspection enabling a clear view of the section that is blocked. Using a small camera inserted into your plumbing system, our serviceman can visually locate and assess any damage or blockages.

If there is no structural damage, then the jet blasting treatment should clear the blockage. If structural damage is determined to be the cause of the blockage, then the options may be to either:

  • Excavate the affected area and relay new pipes
  • Repair the affected pipes with specialised relining materials
  • Replace the pipe entirely

Our state-of-the-art CCTV drain inspection camera can identify blockages in your underground/inaccessible pipes. We insert a small camera into your drain to assess the damage after a drainpipe cleaning service with a high-pressure water jet, otherwise known as a hydrojet or jetblast. If you need a CCTV drain inspection in Sydney or Wollongong, Chiswick Plumbing offer this service for FREE* with any paid jet blasting service.

Ways to unclog a drain

Depending on the severity of your clog, there are many options for how we may approach the situation. If you have a tree root blockage, there could be resulting damage. Your pipes can become cracked or broken, in which case we offer a pipe relining service to avoid replacing the whole pipe.

We can get rid of the tree roots by using a hydro jet blasting then use a chemical drain treatment to inhibit regrowth. We use Vaporooter to disintegrate the excess roots around the pipes, which is a combination of EPA approved herbicides.

For more common blockages, we can use our hydro-jet blasting to quickly and efficiently remove the source of the clog. We also offer biological drain treatments as a preventative method. Bio-clean is an environmentally friendly drain cleaner that stops the fat build up in your sink. This method begins working in one hour and is especially helpful in households with older plumbing systems.

You may have a nasty smell occurring in your sewer pipes or drains. Using our specialised smoke testing services, we’re able to locate the source of bad odours. It produces a high-density smoke that we use to find drain or sewer pipe breakages. We can assess the damage and provide a comprehensive quote on how we will go about rectifying it.

To unblock a shower drain or other type of inground drainage, you may be able to see the cause of the blockage. These pipes tend to be much larger than those of a sink. There are more clogged shower drain solutions that you can do that may not require blocked drain services. For example, if you can see the main drain clog, a simple plunger or drain cleaner may suffice.

 However, a blocked shower drain is not always an easy fix. A drainpipe cleaning high-pressure water jet is most likely the best solution here. Drain cleaning costs can be relatively affordable and preventative. If you require a drain cleaning service price, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 55 2248.


How to avoid blocked drains

Once you have experienced the inconvenience of having a blocked drain, you will want to prevent it from happening again. Preventative drain maintenance can ensure that you won’t have to fork out for costly blocked drain repairs. There are some things you can do to prevent potential clogs and avoid the expense of calling a plumber out to your residence.

Remove food waste from the sink before draining

Although it is convenient to let food scraps wash down the drain, you can never know if they will thoroughly wash away or become stuck in your pipes. If you can remove wastes from your sink and dispose of them correctly, you’ll avoid any risk of this happening. Be sure to use enough warm water and dish soap to break down food particles so that they can pass through your drain.

Use your toilet paper sparingly

If you find that toilet paper is blocking your drains regularly, there may be an issue with how much you are using. Flushing less toilet paper allows it to pass through easily and avoids nasty build-up in your pipes.

Hose down any excessively dirty items before washing them in the sink

If you have any muddy clothing or other things that you plan on washing down in your sink, you may want to think twice. Thick clumps of dirt can quickly build up in your pipes and cause grief with muddied water becoming stuck in your sink. It is best to rinse the items down outside your home to get extra dirt off of them first.

Do not flush other bathroom items

Things like earbuds, sanitary items, band-aids, wet wipes and more are not flushable despite being small. These items don’t break down in the pipes and act as a magnet for more grime to build up on top of them, which eventually causes significant clogs.

Install a hair catching drain

Hair catching drains are designed to stop your hair from washing down your pipes and are highly recommended. It keeps it contained in a strainer-like device which you can quickly empty to avoid bad odours and clogged shower drains.

Permanent tree root solutions

At Chiswick Plumbing, we are all for preventative plumbing methods, which is why we offer a pipe relining service. When we identify an obstruction or break in your pipes through the CCTV drain camera inspection, we use hydro jet drain cleaning to flush it out. After assessing the damage, we will proceed with pipe relining; a specialised method of repairing or strengthening your pipes. We are equipped with the latest relining technology which makes it easy to insert a textile lining into the pipes.

This pipe lining is covered in a thick resin which hardens against the pipe wall during the insertion process. This creates a strong, watertight protective layer inside the walls of the existing pipe to protect against future tree root damage. We can repair all types of pipes with minimal disruption, including PVC, Earthenware, Asbestos, Galvanised Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Concrete and HDPE.

Chiswick Plumbing’s YDIG®ystem alleviates the need for invasive excavation which means no damage to your home or property. Our YDIG pipe relining system has a 40 year guarantee, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing is insured for years to come!

Experience the Chiswick Plumbing difference

Chiswick Plumbing are your professional and reliable Sydney plumbers, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a blocked drain, you can expect that our expert plumbers will give an honest assessment of the job at hand. We can rectify any issues quickly and efficiently with the utmost care.

Our friendly staff will give you a comprehensive overview of the issue and provide you with peace of mind that you will get quality repair. We also offer general plumbing services as well as gas fitting and hot water system maintenance. We are your local emergency plumbers, operating 24/7 in locations around Sydney & Wollongong.