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If you are experiencing a problem with your hot water, call Chiswick Plumbing now for emergency advice or service. Chiswick Plumbing supplies and installs Gas Storage, Gas Instantaneous/Continuous Flow, Electric, Solar & Heat Pump water heaters and Commercial Water Heaters and Boiling Water Units from all major brands… From small underbench units to large capacity commercial water heaters.

Types of Water Heaters

Considerations for which Hot Water System is best for your home

  • How much hot water do you use daily
  • Whether the size of your hot water system is sufficient for your household
  • How much space do you have for installation
  • Does your home has access to natural gas or LPG to heat your hot water
  • How environmentally conscious you’d like to be
  • Your budget
  • Will the system be located inside or outside
  • For a Solar system, do you have adequate north facing roof space for Panels (or Collectors)
  • Call 1300 55 2248 and speak to a Chiswick Plumbing expert and we’ll talk you through your options


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Helpful Information

Water Heater Safety Information

Perform this simple manufacturer recommended task every six months to reduce problems with your water heater. Click Here

Determine Your Heater’s Current State – Water Heater Anodes

It’s useful to determine the age of your tank before working on it. A heater’s age can guide you to appropriate inspection and maintenance. For example, if a heater is only a few years old, its likely the anode rod will still have life in it. However, a heater more than six years old (or one which is using softened water and is over two years old) may need a new anode. See your water heater manufacturers’ documentation for detailed information on recommended anode replacement schedules.  Click Here for further information on Anodes Older heaters are also more likely to have troubles with a damaged dip tube and more likely to possess recalcitrant drains.