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Blocked Drains

If your toilets and drains are slow to drain or don’t drain at all; if you have bad smells coming from floor wastes or even from within the ground, then you may have an underlying problem…

Symptoms of a Blocked Drain…

  • When the toilet is flushed the waste will not discharge
  • Drainage may overflow outside
  • Bad sewer odour
  • Water fills up and recedes slowly in toilet, hand basin or shower

Causes of a Blocked Drain…

  • Deteriorated physical condition
  • Flushing foreign items that should never be placed into the sewerage system
  • Excessive disposal of cooking fats and oils, along with other domestic products and DIY materials
  • Tree roots entering a broken drain
  • Ground movement

How do I know what is causing the blockage?

The only way to know for sure is to jet blast the pipes to removing any blockages, then carry out a CCTV inspection and enabling a clear view of the section that is blocked. Using a camera our serviceman can visually locate and assess any damage/blockages to your system.

If there is no structural damage then the Jetblasting treatment should clear the blockage. If structural damage is determined to be the cause of the blockage, then the options may be to either:

  • Excavate the affected area and relay new pipes
  • Repair the affected pipes with specialised relining materials


At Chiswick Plumbing, we don’t fool around. Our advanced drainage equipment allow us to give you a full report of your problem.

Our drain services include the following:

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