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Repair damaged pipes without digging!

Blocked, cracked or root-infested pipes are a fact of life for property owners.Traditional repair methods involve a lot of digging, and a whole lot of fuss — typically, the process is destructive, time-consuming and expensive.  

Pipe relining, on the other hand, is a way of repairing damaged pipes from the inside. A new durable, watertight lining is placed inside the existing pipe, sealing off cracks and restoring flow. Best of all, you won’t have to dig up your garden, your decking or your pool – which means you won’t have to dig deep into your pocket!


Why do you need pipe relining?

Aged underground pipes become weakened over time. Cracked pipes allow dirt and debris to build up until a serious blockage — or worse, a burst pipe — occurs. Similarly, tree root invasions can wreak havoc on the smooth running of water and sewage. Basically, once pipes have become blocked, or have sprung a leak, you are in a world of hurt, with life’s flow being severely impacted, so to speak.

Traditional methods to fix or replace underground pipes can be a nightmare. It involves digging trenches, removing old pipes and laying new ones — a labour-intensive, costly exercise. And, once completed, you are often faced with re-landscaping your yard.


The main benefits of pipe relining over traditional pipe repairs are:

  • It is more convenient as pipe relining does not require invasive excavation. Traditional methods require digging a trench across your yard, often disrupting landscaping or surface finishes.
  • It is quick to do. Whereas traditional repair methods can take days to complete, relining can be done in a day, In most cases.
  • It is cheaper because of reduced costs in labour. You’ll save on materials, too — the tubing used is less expensive than purchasing new pipes.
  • It is leak-proof. Because the liner is strong, it prevents future leaks and limits root intrusion. New pipes will wear over time and will be susceptible to pesky tree roots.
  • It is long-lasting. Relined pipes have a longer lifespan than pipes repaired by traditional methods. In fact, YDIG® by Chiswick Plumbing comes with a warranty of up to 40 years.


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How does pipe relining work?

The process is straightforward, and can usually be completed within a few hours — it’s all in a day’s work!

First, the damaged pipe is inspected with a CCTV camera to identify the obstruction or break. Next, high-pressure water jets are used to flush out any blockage and to clean the pipe wall, in order to ensure a strong bond between the old pipe and the new lining. Once the old pipe is clean, the textile liner is inserted using air or water pressure. The liner is coated in a thick resin, which is pressed against the pipe wall during insertion. As the resin hardens, it creates a new watertight pipe within the walls of the damaged one. One final check using the camera, and the job is done. 

Chiswick Plumbing can repair pipe diameters from 40mm to 100mm; and we can reline just about any shape of pipe: vertical, horizontal, square, round, P traps, S traps, junctions and elbows.


How long does it last?

Pipe relining will stand the test of time. In fact, relined pipes may last longer than new pipes. 

Relining offers a long-term solution, regardless of the type of damaged pipe. The resin used can bond to all types of material, including PVC, copper, clay, galvanised steel, concrete and cast iron. It also improves overall functionality — the liner’s hard, smooth surface prevents build-up and clogs, allowing better flow through your sewer lines. And, it is strong enough to create a barrier to tree roots, forcing them to grow elsewhere in search of water.


How much does pipe relining cost?

How long is a piece of pipe? Relining costs will vary, depending on the length and diameter of the pipe, and on the number of breaks or lengths of damage. Other considerations include the number of junctions that need relining, drain accessibility and property location. Each type of pipe damage and location require a certain type of relining solution, which can only be determined by an on-site investigation. 

The majority of relining jobs are cheaper than what it would cost to excavate and replace the old pipes and then reinstate any expensive landscaping, concreting or reconstruction of dwellings or fixtures on the property.


Why choose CHISWICK PLUMBING and YDIG® for your pipe relining solutions?

  • Over 35 years’ experience in providing high-quality, customer-focused plumbing services 
  • Member of Master Plumbers Association of NSW for over 25 years
  • State-of-the-art relining equipment and technology
  • Up-front pricing. You’ll get a detailed, fixed-price quote before we start the job
  • Up to 40 years guarantee (depending on relining solution type)