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Keep warm this winter, with a gas heating system!

Have you noticed your monthly bills skyrocketing recently? With the temperature dropping and many of us working from home due to recent Sydney COVID lockdowns, it means your electric heaters are working extra hard! So you’re in need of an option that is cost-efficient and keeps you toasty warm… we’ve got the solution for you!

piggy bank gas heater

Save on heating costs during winter

You need an energy efficient heater to keep your family warm that can supply the most amount of heat but can reduce the cost of heating.

Those cheap fan heaters or panel heaters you can get from your local Kmart are an easy quick fix, but they can give you a huge electricity bill shock in the long run. So forget those radiant heaters and convection heaters, if you’re trying to heat your whole house, instead go for a more energy efficient heater. Ducted gas heaters usually involve higher installation costs, but have cheaper overall running costs than gas space heaters.

What are the benefits of gas central heating?

Still deciding between using electric vs gas heating to heat your home? Well, gas heating is more affordable, warmer, reliable and environmentally friendly than trying to heat your home using electric heating systems. Here’s how: 

Natural gas heating warms your home instantly once it is switched on. When the igniter is lit, heat will begin to flow through your home, no more waiting for the heater to turn on and gradually heat up the room! Heating during winter has never been more satisfying!

Flexible heating with central gas heating allows you to direct the flow of your heating to zones, saving you money and energy. Now you can choose which rooms need the warmth with the touch of a button. 

Don’t worry about waiting for the delivery of fuel for your heater, natural gas is in constant supply straight from the gas line under your house. So it’s reliable, fast and safer than the alternatives. Plus, because the gas supply is uninterrupted, if there’s a power outage, you can continue heating your home even if you’re in the dark. The wind may be blowing, the rain may be falling but you can feel comfortable knowing you’ve got a reliable heater during winter.

Natural gas heating is cleaner than other options on the market, so you can feel good about leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Gas heating is also safer and more energy efficient than your old school wood fire systems, because the heat is stored in the room rather than escaping out a chimney. 

The benefits of natural gas heating do not end here though! Use natural gas heating for gas appliances around your home, and even heating your hot water system

gas heating indoors

Isn’t gas heating expensive to install?

Gas heating may be more expensive to install at first, but the overall running costs will be lower in the long term and increase the value of your home. Gas prices don’t fluctuate like electricity prices, so natural gas heaters are generally cheaper to run during the colder months. 

You could save approximately 10% off your bill with every decrease in temperature. Did you know that the optimal temperature to save energy and avoid overheating in winter is between 18-20 degrees? This will vary depending on the climate of where you live but is worth experimenting with yourself. Remember, the harder your air conditioner has to work, the more electricity it will consume, so aim to set it at a comfortable temperature that sustains reasonable running costs. 

If you have a ceiling fan in the room, consider switching it on to low speed in reverse, so the hot air can circulate. Hot air rises, so this will allow the rising heat to be circulated throughout the room and mean you’re not wasting heat trying to heat the room up.

Ready to upgrade to a Gas heater?

So if you’re ready to ditch the electric heater and cut down your electricity bill this winter, Chiswick Plumbing can help you! We install a range of gas heating options to keep your home nice and toasty. Depending on your space, we can suggest ducted gas heating or wall furnaces, so call Chiswick Plumbing for an in home quote.