Signs It’s Time For A Bathroom Upgrade

Older homes are full of charm, character and so much potential to make the old new again. Unfortunately, most older homes come with outdated decor and horrible brown carpet. We often focus on modernising the larger rooms in our home and neglect the small spaces that can be hidden behind a closed door. People spend an average of an hour and 42 minutes in the bathroom per week which, if you have an outdated bathroom, means a lot of time staring at horrible wallpaper.

If this narrative is sounding a bit too familiar to you, then chances are you have a dingy coloured-tile bathroom hiding somewhere in your home. It’s a burden to have an unfinished home, especially when it means bathing in a cramped space with bad lighting and terrible plumbing. Here are some key signs that it’s time you splurged on a bathroom renovation.


Lack of storage

These days, no matter what gender you are, people have a range of styling products, bathroom appliances and accessories in their bathrooms. If you have a family, your bathroom cupboards are probably overflowing with a jungle of products, shower caps and towels that you just don’t know where to put.

It is reasonable to try and compensate by bringing in an extra shelf or two, but that is only a short term solution. Filling your space with extra storage furniture exacerbates the problem further and is not fully utilising its potential. Even the tightest of spaces can have an effective storage solution by installing built-in storage units or shelving, which alleviates using scarce floor space.


Poor layout

For who knows what reason, some 20th-century builders thought it was smart to cramp a sink, a toilet and a bathtub into 2x4m spaces. This is not only unideal for hygiene reasons, but it makes for a very tight and unpleasant space to be in. If you find yourself getting claustrophobic in your own bathroom, it is probably a result of poor design.

It could be as simple as swapping a bathtub for a shower and moving a toilet that can make all the difference. Older fixtures tend to be bulky and consume more space than modern alternatives; putting in new fixtures is also a major way to increase room. It’s easy to make dramatic changes with some professional help and appropriate styling. You may even have room for an extension, in which case even half a metre can make a world of difference in compact spaces.




If your style is more contemporary than your bathroom is, you’ll probably find yourself envying friends and family with spacious modern bathrooms. Bathrooms are a place where many go to wash the day away and have some time out, which is hard to do when you’re decor is far from serene.

The latest bathroom renovation trends reflect a sense of ambience and practicality with plenty of storage and soft lighting to make for a clutter-free, relaxing space. This is something that wasn’t considered in older homes as fully equipped bathrooms were a luxury as opposed to a household necessity.

Flimsy plastic shower screens, cracked or chipped tiles and water-stained walls can often be found in 20th-century bathrooms because, well, they’re just worn out. This is not fun to look at but most importantly can present major safety hazards!

According to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, the way you place yourself and objects in the environment around you dictates your experience in other aspects of life. This is a heavily used artform when it comes to interior architecture as it dictates how comfortable you feel in your home.

To many people, their home is an important reflection of who they are and if it is incomplete or not a true reflection of their style, it can cause distress. No one wants a looming sense of dissatisfaction with their surroundings so it’s okay to take the leap and renovate your bathroom!


Plumbing problems

Taps that get stuck, pipes that leak, toilets that constantly clog; these are all characteristics of bathrooms that are in need of some TLC. If you notice unpleasant smells coming from your drains, this is an early sign that something is not right. This can soon turn into leaks, bursts, floods and other terribly expensive accidents. It’s imperative that you catch these things early as you might otherwise end up calling out one of our plumbers to fix some big problems.

The older the home, the more tired and worn out your plumbing will be, especially in the one place it is used the most. Gutting and remodelling your bathroom can not only transform it aesthetically but also make sure that the plumbing is sound. Replacing your old pipes with modern ones is a way to damage-proof your bathroom and make it prettier in the process.



You’re selling your home

One of the most sure-fire ways to boost your homes market value is to get your bathroom looking fresh and inviting. Remember, we spend an average of one hour and 42 minutes in there per week, so of course, it’s a major selling point for potential buyers. A few thousand dollars to spruce up your bathroom could win you some big bucks when it goes to auction.

Simple changes like fresher tiling, a new sink and toilet or changing out a bath for a modern double shower can be relatively inexpensive but very effective. There are so many newly built homes with all the mod cons consuming the housing market these days. If you own an older home and are looking to sell, you need to pull out all the stops to get keen buyers on board.


Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to take the plunge and renovate your tired old bathroom, contact the team here at Chiswick Plumbing to get a quote! We offer unparalleled service and are experts in bathroom renovation and remodelling. Our competitive prices and friendly staff make the process stress-free so you can enjoy your brand new bathroom without a hitch. Of course, we also offer plumbing services so if you need help maintaining your fixtures and fittings, we’re happy to help.